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21 Jun 2024
EURO 2024: Trivia for you to know the nicknames of the participating teams
Have bettors grasped the other nicknames of the teams participating in EURO 2024? If not, let's explore with V9Bet in the content below

EURO 2024: Trivia for you to know the nicknames of the participating teams

The content that V9Bet provides below will provide fascinating discoveries about the alternative names and nicknames for the national teams participating in UEFA EURO 2024, delving into the historical and cultural context behind  the nicknames of these participating teams. Below is a summary for each country in question.


  • Knowing the nicknames of the teams participating in the Euro groups will help bettors to know more information about those teams.
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Nicknames of the teams participating in Group A


Nicknames of the teams participating in Group A

  • Germany: Known as "Nationalelf" (National Eleven), "DFB-Elf" (DFB Eleven) and "Die Nationalmannschaft" (National Team), emphasizing simplicity and association with the German Football Association (DFB).
  • Scotland: Often referred to by fans as the "Army of Tartans", named after the traditional plaid fabric and widely popularized in a song during the 1978 FIFA World Cup.
  • Hungary: Known as "Magyarok" (Hungarian) and "Magyar Válogatott" (Hungarian national team). Known in English-speaking countries as the "Magical Magyars" since its heyday in the 1950s.
  • Switzerland : Known as the "A-Team", "Nati" (National Team) and "Rossocrociati" (Red Cross), reflecting the multilingual nature of the country.

Nicknames of the teams participating in Group B

  • Spain : Known as "La Roja" (The Red One) and "La Furia Española" (The Spanish Fury), the names derive their name from their aggressive play and red uniforms.
  • Croatia: Known as "Vatreni" (The Blazing People), the nickname showcases their spirited performances and their signature checkered jerseys.
  • Italy: Known as "Gli Azzurri" (The Blues) and "La Nazionale" (National Team), their blue kit pays tribute to House Savoy.
  • Albania: Known as "Kuqezinjtë" (Red and Black) and "Shqiponjat" (Eagle), both are derived from their flag and historical symbol.


Nicknames of the teams participating in Group B

Nicknames of the teams participating in Group C

  • Slovenia: Known as the "Reprezentanca" (National Team), with its mascot named after Mount Triglav, the country's highest peak.
  • Denmark: Known as "De Rød-Hvide" (The Red-Whites) and "Danish Dynamite," inspired by a popular song from EURO '84.
  • Serbia: Known as "Orlovi" (The Eagles), their nickname comes from the white two-headed eagle on their coat of arms.
  • England: Known as the "Three Lions", it originated from the coat of arms of the British royal family dating back to the time of Richard I.


Nicknames of the teams participating in Group C

Nicknames of teams participating in Group D

  • Poland: Known as "Biało-czerwoni" (White and Red) and "Orły" (Eagle), referring to the colors of their flag and coat of arms.
  • Netherlands: Known as "Oranje" (Orange), the color symbolizes Dutch royalty and is historically known as "Orange Watch".
  • Austria: Simply called "Das Team".
  • France: Known as "Les Bleus" (The Blues), taken from their blue kit and Tricolore flag.

Nicknames of the teams participating in Group E

Belgium: Known as "De Rode Duivels" (Red Devils), the nickname derives from their red uniform and 1905 match report.

Slovakia: Known as "Repre" (Representatives) and "Sokoli" (Falcons), symbolizing their agility and fierceness.

  • Romania: Known as "Tricolorii" (The Tricolors), reflecting the colors of their flag.
  • Ukrainian: Known as "Synio-Zhovti" (Blue and Yellow), symbolizing the sky and wheat fields.

Nicknames of Group F teams

  • Turkey: Known as "Ay-Yıldızlılar" (Crescent Stars) and "Bizim Çocuklar" (Our Boys), both refer to the elements in their flag.
  • Georgia: Known as the "Jvarosnebi" (Crusaders), inspired by their flag and historical battles.
  • Portugal: Known as "A Seleção" (The Choice), "Equipa das Quinas" (Shield Team) and "Lusos" (Lusitanians), reflecting their historical and cultural heritage.
  • Czech Republic: Known as "Národní tým" (National Team), "Repre" (Representative) and "Hrdí lvi" (Proud Lions), reflecting national pride and symbolism.

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