V9BET Online Sports Betting offers odds for more than 5000 football matches of major competitions like English Premier League/ Serie A / Bundesliga / La Liga / Ligue 1 / Champion League / Europa League ... and from even local ones. We also offer odds for other sports like: basketball, tennis, billiards, rugby, racing etc ...


We are currently in business relationship with more than 1000 Affiliates. Join our Affiliate program and earn commission up to 55% profits


V9BET always encourages you to play responsibly. We strive to create a positive recreational betting platform for our players.


You can find all the famous casino games at our V9BET Live Casino: Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, Dragon-Tiger and Big Small Sicbo...Currently V9BET is opening tables from all of our clubs: Club V9, Club Viva, Club Velvet, Club Vogue


We offers a variety of slot games with many special winning combinations and payline. The chance to win big with many free spins of up to billions of Vietnam Dong awaits you!


Our Lottery consists of Lotto with various bet types and interesting payout. Bet now and win fast with our V9BET Lottery


We always strive to find faster, more secure and effective payment methods. Deposit and Withdrawal transactions at V9BET only take a very short while to process successfully.


Our Customer Support team is always available 24/7 to assist you. Please refer to our Help or FAQs pages if you have any questions or contact us directly at our Live Chat or our other channels:


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We operate in accordance with the strict rules of the Regulator. All the bets and online casino betting results are transparent and fully shown on your bet tickets and account statement.


To enjoy our best service, simply register an account at V9BET by completing the SIGN UP form. In case of any difficulties when using our products and services, please contact us via Live Chat for fast response and support.


Your privacy is of our utmost concern. V9BET website operates in compliance with strict principles to ensure your information is absolutely confidential.

Today Online Sports Betting Odds

Understanding your desires to bet on the most-loved sport in the world, V9BET always provide full range of live football odds for your Premier League, Laliga ( Spain), Serie A (Italy), Bundesliga (Portugal), League 1 (France), UEFA Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, Euro .. and many more. You can bet on pretty much any professional football matches in the world. Just simply select all competitions to view all the odds and bet types of your favorite leagues.

Not only we offer all kinds of standard soccer bets: Asian Handicap, Over/Under, 1x2, you also can find other interesting bet types like: Odd / Even, Total Goals, Correct Score, First / Last Goal, Outright, Special Bets, Parlay etc. Our betting table supports different views by different odds types: European, Malay, Hong Kong, Indo. Besides the King Sport - Football, to serve our sport fans better, we also offer online sports betting odds for other sports such as Basketball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, eSports, Virtual Sports etc …Our odds will be refreshed automatically every 5 minutes, ensuring to offer you the best odds. Not only an expert in In-play sports betting, V9BET also opens Early Markets so members can place bets for the matches before they even start! These are all accessible via our official V9BET website, our Mobile Web or our V9BET Mobile App.

With our trading team full of extensive experience in sport betting industry, we always strive to give the highest odds with a 99.9% accuracy even till the last minute of a match. To find latest odds easily, just press Ctrl + F then enter the name of the match you want to find the odds. V9BET supports all forms of deposit/ withdrawal methods with high security, ensuring fast transaction processing time. Our Customer Service team is always available 24/7 via Live Chat, Email, Zalo .. to support you whenever you need and with any questions on our other products as well: Live Casino, Slots and Games, Lottery, Virtual Sports, etc ...

Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual Sports betting is a form of online sports betting in which they create virtual matches mimicking the details from real competitions. Usually, a virtual match takes place in 2 – 3 minutes and this really attract players who like to have quick payout.

In V9BET Virtual Sports, you will find your all-time favorite bet types like Asian Handicap, Over/Under and even 1x2. Our Virtual Sport endeavours to bring you the betting experience exactly the same as when you place your bets for a real match. Simply just open an account with V9BET to enjoy this special product and others like Live Casino, Sportsbook, Slots and Games

Live Casino

Online Live Casino is a platform where players can enjoy their favorite casino games online, instead of going to a real casino. V9BET Online Casino offers a variety of games with the most modern tables, beautiful interface, vivid sound and professional dealers to serve you, creating an experience similar to real-life casino.

At V9BET, you can play Online Casino at the 4 biggest casino game clubs in Southeast Asia: Club V9, Club Viva, Club Vogue and Club Velvet. Each of our Live Casino clubs stands out with different features: bet limit, multi tables, games, interface. All of them are compatible in all platforms: Desktop, Mobile Web and V9BET Mobile App. You could enjoy all the top casino games in the world at our Live Casino: Baccarat, Sicbo, Dragon – Tiger, Bull Bull and more. What are you still waiting for? Register an account now to unleash the wealth of entertainment from our best products: Sportsbook, Live Casino, Slots, Lottery...Only at V9BET.

Online Lottery

Lottery is a very popular and familiar game to Vietnamese players. This Online Lottery is being played more frequently nowadays as it entails quick payout with a high winning payout rate. V9BET Lottery offers 2 types of game: Keno and Lotto which are the most famous games in this industry.

Keno is a type of lottery which has a similar rule like Bingo. You will choose your own 20 lucky numbers among 80 numbers, then compare with the drawn numbers from the Counter. Your winning depends on how many of your numbers matching with the drawn ones. V9BET Keno results are based on the combination of the 20 numbers drawn as the official result of each of these counters: Vietname (Vietlot), Chinese (Beijing), Slovakian, Canadian, Western Canadian, Malta and Australian Keno. There are a wide range of choices in our seven (7) Keno bet types: Big/Small/Total810, Odd/Even, Odds/Evens/Tie, Big/Small & Qdd/Even Parlay, Up/Down/Tie, Five Elements, and Pearl Ball.

Lotto is a very popular game in Vietnam, which is called ""Lo To"". Nowadays, this is becoming a very popular online gambling bet type due to its high payout rate. V9BET Lotto settles bet using the official results of the numbered balls randomly drawn in the official lotteries: Social Welfare Lottery 3D, Chong Qing, Jiang Xi, Shanghai, Tian Jin and Xin Jiang. There are 13 bet types which customers can place their bets on in V9BET Lotto.

To play Lottery, simply click on JOIN NOW button at top right of our V9BET website to register an account and make a successful deposit. Fast processing time on deposit and withdrawal transaction is one of our website key highlights, to ensure your best gaming experience. Your winnings will be credited to your own bank account.
Besides this product, you may also enjoy our other products like Sports Betting, Live Casino, Slots and Games.

Online Slots

Slot games originally is a gambling machine operated by inserting coins into a slot and pulling a handle that activates a set of spinning symbols on wheels. With technological advancement, slots have gone digital. By opening our V9BET Slots and Games page, you will be able to enjoy more than 500 online slot games from various themes like: cartoons, sports, sweets, fruits, holidays, etc … Those games are integrated from well-known Slot providers worldwide like AgileSlot, Microgaming, Habanero.

V9BET is constantly adding more and more latest slot games. Our games are well designed with beautiful graphics, lively sound, compact configuration in order to bring you a smooth betting experience. Besides that, you will be amazed by our 3-reel, 5-reel machine with diversified winning ways like 243 ways/ 720 ways and single-line or multiple line winnings. With our smart V9BET Mobile App, you can enjoy our online slot games anytime and anywhere. Play our Slot games now to stand a chance to win from huge pool prizes of our interesting progressive jackpot games and also attractive bonuses. Besides these sophisticated slot games, you can also experience our best Sports betting platform, Live Dealer Casinos and Virtual Sports, Lottery. Register an account now and have fun!

V9BET Promotions

Only at V9BET you will find a variety of different betting promotion types, ranging from deposit bonus to rebate, cash back, free bets. New members at V9BET can enjoy our 100,000 VND Free Bet as well as First Time Deposit Bonus for your first deposit transaction at our website, with maximum bonus amount up to 3,000,000 VND. Our signature daily rebate promotions won’t disappoint you as we offer the highest percentage with no turnover requirement for all V9BET products (Virtual Sportsbook, Live Casino, Slots, Virtual Sports, Lotto, Card Games ...). Besides that, we also offer your additional rebate in Dragon Tiger and Sicbo from our Live Casino. For more details, check out our Promotion page for the Terms and Conditions of each promotion.

The bonuses will be credited promptly to your V9BET account after you apply successfully for the promotion and complete necessary verification. To apply for a promotion, after reading the Terms and Conditions, you just need to click on CLAIM NOW button at the promotion detail page. Our Customer Service team is always available 24/7 to assist you. Don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat, Email, Zalo, Phone Call ...

V9BET VIP Program

V9BET always value all our members and strive our best to serve you better. Our members of each V9BET VIP level will be entitled for special promotions and offers which can be used on all of our V9BET products: Sports Book, Virtual Sportsbook, Online Live Casino, Slots, Lottery, Card Games, etc … Log in to your V9BET account and check out our Promotion page for more details on our tailored promotions for your VIP level.

To get your VIP level upgraded, simply hit the required wagering amount of the next VIP level. Our system will auto-update your profile on the next day when you meet the requirement. Please refer to the required eligible stake amount above for your information.

Download V9BET Mobile App

Understanding the trend of young players using mobile application nowadays, V9BET also come up with our own V9BET Mobile App to let players enjoy the best gaming experience at any time. The V9BET Betting Mobile App is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can download and install it quickly by choosing the Download button in our Mobile Web or scan the QR code above.

We strive to be the most user-friendly portal where we constantly upgrade and improve our platforms, notably our newly launched Mobile Application. This V9BET Mobile App offers you special features like: Push notification to keep you posted on your every transaction and Unique Assistive Button, providing quick access to all our products. Download our V9BET Mobile App now to enjoy all our products in your phone: Online Sports Betting, Virtual Sports, Live Casino, Slots, Lottery, Virtual Sports, Card Games. So easy, so convenient! Anywhere and Anytime with just one tap! Our V9BET Mobile App is your best choice to play on-the-go.

V9BET Affiliate

V9BET Affiliate program is to promote our V9BET website to your potential customers and earn commission based on the company’s net winnings from all of our products: Sportsbook, Live Casino, Virtual Sports, Slots and Games, Lotto and V9 Card Games. This program is available to anyone who meet our requirements to become an Affiliate. Find out more in our Terms and Conditions section of our Affiliate page.

V9BET offers an impressive commission scheme where Affiliates can earn up to 55% of the company’s net winnings generated from your referrals. The more referrals you bring in, the more commission you earn. Check out the Commission Plan section to learn more about our impressive commission percentage. Our Affiliates can monitor their own performance at any time via our Affiliate Portal with the data being updated regularly.

To join our V9BET Affiliate program, simply click on the REGISTER AFFILIATE button above and fill up some of your information. Our Affiliate team will process and get back to you as soon as possible. Once completed, you will become an Affiliate of V9BET – A leading online betting website in South East Asia. Contact our Affiliate team now for more details and support in our V9BET Affiliate program!

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